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Sales Coaching that Works

PaperWasp - Training, Coaching & Mentoring for Sales Growth and Improved Profitability

Discover the skills, words and actions that turn prospects into customers

Understand your pipeline and your targets will take care of themselves

Developing the mindset to looking forward to making the next sales call

Maximise your Sales Team time and effort by approaching only the ‘right fit’ customers

Sales is about more than just picking up the phone or sending an email. It’s about mindset, skills and knowledge.

It’s knowing what to say to open a conversation and keep it going. It’s understanding how to build a relationship that will deliver now and long into the future. And it’s having the insight to know what will transform a prospect into a Customer, then into a Client and ultimately into an Advocate.

The good news is that this can all be learnt. With PaperWasp sales training, coaching and mentoring, together we can transform mindsets, sales team results and the profitability of your business.

Just 24% of sales emails are opened
we can help make sure that yours is one of them

With knowledge comes power

Using PaperWasp training, coaching and mentoring means that your sales team will develop the skills and mindset they need to get out there and start selling, consistently getting the results you want and need.

We will work with you to set your required training, coaching and mentoring targets and stay until you are happy that the job is done.

Sales Training, Coaching & Mentoring tailored for you

Bespoke 1-2-1 sales coaching and mentoring

Individuals & teams in your sales environment

Ongoing mentoring support for as long as you need it

Sales advice
to boost profitability

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Discover our proven 3-step ‘APR of Sales Success’ process for sales growth and improved profitability

Step 1 – Activity

All sales start with an activity. Whether it’s picking up the phone, writing an email or knocking on a door. You first need to do something, to be active.

We can help you get over the blocks that are stopping you or your people from getting started. With insight and understanding, dread and feeling like a ‘busy fool’, will be replaced with anticipation and productivity, knowing you’re doing the right activity at the right time to deliver the right results. Not just ‘efficiently’ pushing around the paperwork but working ‘effectively’ every day.

  • Not every customer will be a good fit – discover how to identify your best prospects before investing your time, skill and energy.
  • Keep hearing ‘no’ from your calls? Master the language and techniques to get the ‘yes’ that you need everytime.
  • Dread making calls? We can help you build the confidence and resilience needed so that you want to pick up the phone and make the next call.
  • There’s an optimum time to send an email and make a call – do you know when that is?

Step 2 – Potential

You’ve got your foot in the door with a ‘Yes’ to quoting for some work. Now you need to capitalise on your prospect’s potential. By asking the right questions now, you could not only win the order, you could grow the order, gain an ongoing Client and ultimately a new brand advocate.

  • Ask the right questions – by finding your prospect’s pain point, you’ll discover what they really need, which all too often, isn’t what they’re asking you for.
  • Uncover your customer’s real priority – price, time, quantity… again, it may not be what they’re saying.
  • Build an emotional connection – knowing the best way to engage with a new customer will enable you to be able to build trust and form a relationship that can last indefinitely. What type of person are they, learn about the D, I, S, C process for understanding the drivers of a customer simply and quickly.
  • Close the sale effectively – more often and for more money – there’s a skill to this, and it’s one we can teach you.

Step 3 – Results

You’re starting to get some great results. Now’s the time to learn how to effectively crunch the numbers and read the stats, to ensure you’re maximising your time and efforts.

  • Discover how to identify what’s really working, so you can double down on this, and change what needs improving.
  • Quantify your calls – by knowing the value of each call, you’ll be able to maximise the efficiency of your activity, in turn maximising your return on investment.
  • Define your pipeline – we can help you transform numbers into a meaningful profitable pipeline.
  • When you understand the numbers, and how they fit into the process, you’ll rediscover the joy of the journey, not just the close of the deal.

When they master the APR of Sales Success, their job and their life will become more pleasurable as well as more profitable.

"Efficiency is doing things right, effectiveness is doing the right things." – Peter F. Drucker

Who do we work with?

We work with businesses that have Sales Teams of 10 or more that need a new boost to their sales effectiveness and bottom line profitability.

Coming to the place of work of the sales team, enables us to see the whole picture, identify the sweet spots as well as the areas that need improvement, and to give the sales team the tailored guidance, knowledge and support that they need.

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How much do we charge?

We don’t charge anything. There are no upfront fees and no contract, unless you want one of course. We just ask you to pay whatever you feel reflects the value of the training, coaching and mentoring that is received.

Sales Coaching That Works

Sales Team Training, Coaching and Mentoring – We work with you until the job is done and you set the criteria for success.

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